Understanding The Difference Between Penny Boards and Skateboards

Penny board vs skateboard

Penny boards are a type of skateboard which are usually made of plastic. It was made by Ben Mackay whose influence and inspiration was the love of skateboarding. The purpose of making a skateboard which was durable was to take him back to the fun he always had when he was small and skateboarding.

A skateboard solely means a sporting equipment, made up of the Maplewood board which has polyurethane cover used in the skateboarding. A skateboard is shoved forward using one foot while keeping the other on the board. It may also be applied when standing on the board while letting force to propel a rider on the board in a downward incline. If the rider puts the right foot anterior, he or she is known to be riding ‘goofy.’ Though, if a skateboarder regularly rides beside chooses to ride goofy on some occasions or otherwise, he or she is said to be switch riding. A rider is always comfortable when pushing with the back foot than when using the front foot.

The current skateboard is usually made up of many elements. The decks are mainly five to eight inches wide and between twenty and twenty-eight inches length. The underneath of the deck is usually decorated with a pattern, design or it may be empty depending on one’s choice. It is composed of the grip tape which is fabric and is sticky on one side or a sheet of paper that has a covering similar to that of fine sandpaper. This enables the rider’s feet to grasp the surface while doing skateboarding. Wheels and trucks, bearings and some free hardware such slip tape, risers/rails and ribs and rapper are also accessible in some skateboards.

Here’s How Penny Boards Are Different From Skateboards

1.One of the primary difference between Skateboards and Penny boards is that a Penny board is just a type of skateboard while Skateboard comes in different types and nature.

2. The other difference between skateboards and penny boards is that all Penny boards are solely made of plastic while skateboards are usually made of Maplewood.

3. We also find that Penny Boards are made to be more durable than Skateboards which do not last for long.

4.The other difference is the friction between a penny board and a skateboard. We find that since Penny boards are made of plastics, then their friction are less than friction on skateboards which are made of Maplewood.

How To Drop Into A Bowl On A Skateboard

Dropping into a bowl at they skate park can be a daunting task for some.
To the mind, you’re literally making yourself fall and slam into the ground.

It takes awhile to get used to doing.

And after repeated successes, it’ll seem natural that you’ll wonder how it was so scary in the first place.

To drop into a bowl, it take commitment.
If there’s any sort of hesitation at all, you’ll probably fall or eat shit!

We recommend first to psych yourself up through visualizations or giving yourself a self talk.

Then, just follow the rest on the video.

That’s how to drop into a bowl on a skateboard.